Reading Group on Algorithm Configuration, Algorithm Selection and Related Topics

Organizer: Matthias Feurer

Time and Place

Time: Fridays, 10.30 s.t.
Place: Kitchen in building 074


In the reading group, we discuss current and classical research papers. The emphasis lies on work on algorithm configuration, algorithm selection and related areas, but interesting papers from other areas are welcome. All participants can make recommendations for the reading list, from which one or more papers are selected for each meeting. Participants read the selected papers individually in preparation for the meeeting. During the meeting, the person in charge will sum up the paper and lead a discussion about the paper during the meeting.

The target audience of the reading group consists of academic staff and interested guests, comparable to a staff seminar or a seminar in a graduate school. Students may feel free to participate, but should be aware that no ECTS points can be earned for the reading group.