Frank Hutter

 Emmy Noether Research Group Lead (eq. Assistant Prof.)

Postal address:
Institut für Informatik
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Sekretariat Nebel/GKI
Georges-Köhler-Allee 052
79110 Freiburg, Germany
Building 074, Room 00-018
48.014472, 7.831111 (DD)
+49 761 203-67740
+49 761 203-8222

Research interests

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Optimization
  • Statistics
  • Empirical algorithmics

Generally speaking, my research aims to improve our ability to solve hard computational problems of importance to society and industry, by automating core parts of the scientific design and analysis of algorithms for solving such problems. I recently gave a Google tech talk on this topic; you can watch it on youtube.

Concretely, my research focuses on machine learning and optimization, both in terms of methods and applications. A recent focus of mine is AutoML, which aims to automate various parts of the machine learning pipeline (e.g, model selection and hyperparameter optimization).


Before starting my group in Freiburg, I was a postdoc at the Computer Science Department of the University of British Columbia, specifically of the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence (LCI) and the Bioinformatics and Empirical & Theoretical Algorithmics Laboratory (BETA). I earned my PhD at UBC in 2009 and my Diplom (eq. MSc) at Darmstadt University in 2004.

I'm co-organizing the first AutoML workshop at ICML 2014 and the Configurable SAT Solver Challenge (CSSC) 2014. I coorganized CSSC 2013 and NIPS Bayesian optimization workshops BayesOpt 2012 and BayesOpt 2011. I'm on the editorial board of JAIR and currently on the PC for AAAI, ECAI, GECCO's machine learning track, LION, CocoMile, and AI.

For more information, please see my publication page and my academic CV (the CV is updated irregularly).


Erdös number: 3 (Anne Condon -> Michael E. Sacks -> Paul Erdös)